Hair Removal Of The Shirt: How To Wax The Frifri?

The depilation of the jersey may look like a crusade, a long, endless journey. Annelise will give you the keys to make this happen smoothly.

This article is for all girls who do not know how to go to epilate the shirt, but do not want to go to the beautician (too expensive or too embarrassing).

Solutions exist to find a pattern that we like , and not to scratch as if a cat had attacked our privacy. Yes, I swear to you.

Tattoo depilation stage 1: preparing the ground

To avoid ingrown hairs or other worries, it is better to prepare a minimum for hair removal .

The scrub is often recommended, but be careful how it’s done.

You can very slightly erase the pubis but never, ever, go into the delicate area of ​​the vulva and lips . The frifri is not made to undergo the wild attacks of grains, so you can erase quickly and very gently the basic jersey (the pubis), but no more. Never

The day before, do not hesitate to moisturize your skin .

Hair removal is less destructive but also safer on hydrated skin than on a dry skin. Of course, again, touches ever lips. They do not need to get to know Nivea cream .

Hair removal of the jersey step 2: the choice of weapons

It all depends on the type of hair removal you want.

The razor

It makes it possible to have a nickel result very very quickly, but everything pushes back quickly.

You pass it as if you shaved your legs, preferably with a gel (type shower gel) very soft that can slide the razor.

It’s perfect for girls in a hurry, or those who can not stand the pain of waxing.

The depilatory cream

It has almost the same action as the razor: a brushing ultra fast, but a regrowth just as dazzling. It is nevertheless a very good solution for fine hair.

the wax

It pulls the hairs and roots, in other words you are quiet for many days.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of courage to tear off his Brazilian Wax tape alone, and it can be very painful for a beginner.

Do it in institute, it allows to suffer a good shot without inflicting oneself these pains .

The bikini trimmer

This is not really done for epilating, but for thinning all that.

It is very convenient to use just before shaving, but also after you have shaved the area of ​​your choice, for a perfect result.

You can also use only the mower if you want to keep the natural shape of your jersey, but prune the hair a little .

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In all cases: to shave / shave / cream / mow and all these wonderful things, there is a need. As you know, you can remove all the hair you want, but again you must never touch the vulva or the lips .

With a depilatory cream or Brazilian Wax it can be downright dangerous. To reach the areas “at risk” with the wax, it is better to have the experience of a pro (a beautician ), or to go there trèèèès delicately with the razor. Skidding is fast, pay attention.

Hair removal of the swimsuit stage 3: the possible looks

Your money is like the blank canvas of a painting that you should compose. Well, basically, will have to make a minimum effort on the ground, what.

The simple jersey

In other words, the net jersey, is a very stupid triangle. Basically , you just need to wax the outline . Of course, you can do it more or less extended, the size of your pants or much more indented (practice for some swimsuits ).

The subway ticket jersey

It is still relevant. This is actually to leave a thin strip of hair on the pubis , as to mean “hey, the stuff, it’s that way Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA

So we must depilate both sides and top, to leave a rectangle, again more or less wide according to your desires. It is a practical form for very indented underwear like thongs or tangas.



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